Summer-Early Reader Chapter Book, Picture Book & The Trunchbull

It’s summer. My kids are home. We’re having fun and making messes, big messes, that I only seem to clean up. A little venting never hurt. I’m birthing several projects and having to make sure I’m present in my daily interactions.  First, I’m excited about my new website. The hubby has been helping big time. Thank you babe! Web design takes time.

Chap1-smallSecondly, my latest book project is Storybird Dance, a series written for 1st-4th graders. OMG they’re so cute. I found a fabulous illustrator. We’re about half-way through with illustrations and I need to start formatting… soon. There are four main girls and the stories follow their daily lives in and around the dance studio. I’m envisioning 3-6 books in the series and debating publishing as they’re complete or waiting until at least 2-3 books are complete and then start publishing.


Also, my third Curlilocks book, Curlilocks and the Sleepy Giant, is in the hands of my illustrator now. Woohoo! 32 full color pages of fun. I introduced a friend called Nelson for Curlilocks. She plays the cello and he plays the violin. They use the power of practice to make it across the Sleepy Giant Bridge. Can’t wait to see the first sketches. I’ll share as they start coming my way. Full color- picture book production reminds me to be patient.IMG_1444

Oh and did I mention, I’m be elbow deep in sewing this week and next. I usually sew their Halloween costumes after weeks of planning. This time, I have a week to create. The kids are in a half day acting camp, that’s putting on the musical version of “Matilda” by Roald Dahl, a favorite in this house. My youngest is The Truchbull and Doctor. I’m making a burlap jacket, wide belt and tie. My son is playing Mr. Wormwood. Wish me luck with thrift store shopping for green plaid jacket, blue vest and orange tie (I may make his tie too) and may pick up a bargain for myself.[themify_icon icon=”fa-tag” link=”http://”]

Tangled hugs,

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