Writing a Picture Book-The Journey

Writing my latest Curlilocks story and I’m slightly frustrated by the box I’ve created for myself. The inspiration for this one comes from my daughter and her cello lessons. I’ve fallen in love with a title and now writing to the title, Curlilocks and the Wicked Cello.

This is the third Curlilocks book. I’ve decided to give her a friend (traveling companion), a talking cello and a mountain to climb. Realizing how much I’m doubting all of these adds to the this 32-36 page picture book. I don’t want to overcomplicate the story.  IMG_6588I’ve started journaling daily, and that’s helping me with my writing and allowing me to loose the clutter of voices that can override the creative process. The Hobbit had lots of obstacles, a traveling companion and a longer time to tell the story. Ok, this can be done.

When I wrote the first book, I didn’t intend to write a series but now it is and my reflections are showing trends. Ugggg, I need to stay true to the character and focus on her development. Or go back to my original notes about who she is, what she likes to do and why. A completed first draft is on the way. I can feel it. I’ll continue waking up to journal and then write. Even 30 minutes a day makes a difference.


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