A Beginning

The notion of writing for children started with a college writing assignment. An elementary education class had tasked us with writing a children’s book. Hmmm, that first book was not pretty, but it planted the seed that I could be be an author.

Twenty years, three careers, a wonderful marriage and two kids later I published my first book, Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas. My then 4 year old curly and coily haired daughter was the inspiration. When she was younger the books we read portrayed animals as the central characters and we were entering the realm of peopled books. My daughter loved when we read Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn or Corduroy by Don Freeman and she was gobbling up and seeking each Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and Ladybug Girl title.

It was time. She’d named her pink, flower covered, stuffed bear, “Pink Panda”. Pink Panda doesn’t have any stripes and I’m still not sure how her name came to be. Nevertheless, Pink Panda and Riley were the beginning of Curlilocks.

In a nut shell…
1. Wrote the first draft
2. Asked 3 friends to review
3. Rewrote additional drafts
4. Created a team (an illustrator, editor and formatter)
5. Created a book trailer
6. Held my breath
7. Published (physical book and ebook)
8. Marketed (my webesite- Tangled Press, Facebook, Twitter, family blogs and friends, local bookstores)

There was a nice learning curve with the first book and I’ve learned some shareable things along the way. I’ve been a guest speaker/reader at two schools and plan to do more.

Curlilocks next adventure, Curlilocks and the Big Bad Hairbrush is written and the final sketches are being colored now. Yes!!! I’ll keep you posted as we move throughout the process. But here’s what I’ve done so far (with a little more detail than above)…

1. Wrote the first draft
2. Asked Facebook friends for input on different types of pies. (I loved the feedback and ideas)
3. Asked 3 friends to review first draft
3. Sent to my editor (I used the same editor from first book, because she’s honest, quick and provides great input)
4. Wrote final draft
5. Filed for a Copyright
6. Storyboarded each page (which words go on each page and how I’d like to see them depicted)
7. Sent storyboard to my very capable illustrator

In the meantime, I’m updating website and still need to assign an ISBN number to the book and of course, still writing.

Tangled hugs,

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