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My new favorite iPhone app is the 5-Minute Journal. It’s helping me get things done. For months I’ve needed to do a few final touches on my second book and make different health choices. They were small things, but I continually found more interesting things to do instead. Like clean the bathroom mirrors, or dust the laundry room blinds.

I heard about the Journal while listening to a Podcast- I think it was Underground Wellness. Side-note- highly recommended Podcast about healthy living/choice. What I’ve found to be true is putting words in print and taking them out of my head is a game changer.

I’ve written the beginnings of many books in my head, or while running had great ideas. But keeping them in your head is just that, in your head. I found that to be true when I wrote my first book. I decided not to publish that one, but I got it on paper. Yay! That first writing was the push I needed to move ahead and write Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas.

It’s been about two weeks since the Journal has become my thing. I wake up in the morning, preferably before everyone else, while the house is still and quiet. In those moments, I write 3 Things I’m Gratful for, 3 Things that would make this Day Great and an unlimited number of Affrimations (I usually do 3-5). With that I’ve set the course of my day.

A few Goals I’ve accomplished….
1. Completed my 1st Blog entry
2. Make boards on Pinterest
3. Have sugar-free days :)… I’m also on a health journey
4. Create/write Front Matter for book
5. Assign ISBN’s in Bowkers

The Journal is available to write 7 days a week. I still go into the weekend with my fabulous kids schedule moving us along and no true goals for my self other than be a fabulous mommy and wife :).

I’m loving being intentional and accountable to me.

5 Min Journal

Tangled hugs,

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