Bedtime and School Commute Books – 2014 Nov

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My husband and I read to the kids at night, sometimes they trade in reading for a dance party. During the commute to school we either listen to the Kids or Talk radio via satellite, talk about whatever’s on top of the brain or listen to an audiobook. Side-note- I love Talk Radio, the kids… not so much.

This week we’re listening to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho during the ride to school.  I decided to let the kids give the book a listen to after reading reviews. I wasn’t sure how my 5 year old daughter and 8 year old son would react towards the story.  Great news, we’re about two-thirds through the book and they’re really following along and asking questions.  My son, asks to hear a few more minutes before getting out of the car.  I realize they may want to revisit the story as they get older, but the lessons taught through the simple fable are beautiful and inspiring.  The kids are routing for Santiago to reach his dream.

At night we’re in the home stretch of the 2nd installment of the “Mysterious Benedict Society- and the Perilous Journey” by Trenton Lee Stewart.  This story is more suitable for Benjamin as he’s into adventure/quest stories. It’s a page turner and the suspense is age appropriate.  My daughter likes the story, but she’s not sad if she doesn’t hear it at night.

Riley’s asked for Sense Pass King a Story from Cameroon Retold by Katrin Tchana several times this week along with a few poems from Poetry Speaks to Children. I think both kids appreciate the “Girl Power” aspect of Sense Pass King.

It’s Friday night and there aren’t many social/after school obligations, maybe we can get in a dance party and books.

Tangled hugs, Yolanda





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