Middle School Author Visit – Character Development- Aunt Adele

My 2nd picture book-Curlilocks and the Big Bad Hairbrush has been written, edited, storyboarded and the penciled drawings are completed. My illustrator is adding color and some additional front matter.

While I’m waiting for final illustrations- I’m preparing for a Middle School visit and plan to talk to the students about character development. Curlilocks is the central character. The story centers around her interaction with her 3 Aunts and her conscience (AKA the big bad hairbrush).

When developing each of the aunts, I sat back and made them real. Even for a short picture book, I needed to know something about the aunts. As an indie/self publisher, you’re in charge of the artistic look of the story. I wanted to know what they looked like, how did they sound, how did they relate to other characters, what did they like to do in the free time. I thought about people I knew and quilted my way through new characters.

Here’s some of what I sent my illustrator about Aunt Adele- Loves reading and research. Wears glasses. She has small veggie and flower garden outside her house and you see a scooter parked in the drive. Around her hosue you see has lots of bookshelves and lots of specimen jars (dream jars) of things she’s caught like bugs, rocks, and leaves, and a telescope set at a window.

Fanny (my wonderful illustrator) sent me her version of Aunt Adele and I sent back a few suggestions to make Aunt Adele a little softer.

Tangled hugs,

Aunt Adele after a few tweaks.
Aunt Adele after a few tweaks.
The first version
The first version

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